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More time to crush your quota, better forecasting data

We know, it sounds like a paradox.
Read on to see how Hero helps reps achieve the impossible.

Pipeline Updates at Warp Speed

Interact with your pipeline in a snappy spreadsheet with instant two-way editing, filters, groups, notes, etc.

Create Records Using Only Your Keyboard

Mouse slowing you down? Get your gamification on and learn our myriad of keyboard shortcuts to find and update what you need in a fraction of the time.

Keep Track of Your Metrics

Customize and keep tabs on your most important metrics on your Hero home screen. We’ll also let you know how much time you’re saving.

Security is Our Top Priority

We will never see your CRM data. Hero works client-side (on your device only), so it’s just your computer communicating directly with Salesforce.

If This, Then That Rules

You know the rules, shouldn’t your software? Set up Hero to make automatic updates based on your own custom triggers.

Bulk Updates

Stop updating one record at a time. Filter, check, and bulk update with just a few clicks.


Collaborate in real-time with other users, even if they don’t have a Salesforce account.

Customize To Your Heart’s Content

Whether you’re in form or spreadsheet view, add and remove fields until you come up with the recipe that’s perfect for you. Want to share your recipe? Just click to invite your colleagues.

... plus more capabilities in the works!

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